LOP Series Robot Palletizer

1 Unique Linear Executing Mechanism

Ingenious four-links mechanism enables robot programming more easily ,controlling more precisely.

2 Energy-saving Arm Design

High-strength aluminum arm moves more flexibly, also reduces energy consumption.

3 Simple Teaching and Friendly Graphical HMI

Fewer teaching points and easier graphical menu can offer much easier commissioning and greatly.

4Become easier and more efficient

Thanks to the high-precise simulation software, you may confirm whether the on-site program works properly or not on your PC in advance. Automatic interference detection prevents costly damage to your equipment.3D simulation software, allows robot programming to be done on a PC in the office. Processes like layout creation, interference detection, on-site motion simulation become easier and more efficient. This Shorten the initial operating time on site and increase overall productivity greatly.

Why? The fastest 9 months recycling costs
Normally, 1 feed product packaging line to shift worker 4, among them 1 people bagging bag filling, sealing the 1 man tag, stacking 2 people per hour palletizing capacity for 300~400 packets (40~50 kg / bag). the use of stacking machine, can save at least 2 workers each stacking packaging line.

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